Why Choose Reskue

The product formula is 100% WHO complaint.

Reskue is a 6 years old brand, backed up by the parent company Datakue Services. Below are top 7 reasons to choose Reskue products.

  • An ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • The alcohol used is derived from biological process
  • The glycerol used is produced from microbiological process
  • The gel contains a minimum of 69.5% to 72.5% (v/v) alcohol
  • A medical grade liquid formula as per WHO recommendations, containing 80.1% to 83.5% (v/v) alcohol
  • Permitted fragrances of personal care products such as lavender, sandal & citrus are derived from natural extracts
  • Manufacturing and quality systems are governed by Japanese process

For OEM & Sales Enquiries: +91-9916-0000-57

For Distributorship: +91-80-2520-8958

Email: sales@reskue.in